Catch ’em all!

And the only way to do that is by having a pokeball!!

Having a busy full time job and being mummy to two means sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day for anything else.

Hubby has been working extra evenings and nights the last few weeks so no tag teaming available!

So little quick projects to stop me going insane but are easily finished and put down able if needs be, help at this time.

Hence, this little cutie (my daughter’s words)!


I spent some time looking at various types of pokeballs (helps hubby is a comic/cartoon geek so has plenty of books etc to hand) and started drawing some – will add to the drawings as well as crochet more balls! I also made little notes on what’s needed as extras.


My simple sphere is made using this pattern. And is just that…simple!

With this ball I used embroidery thread and a 2.5mm hook. Fiddly but great end product!

So look out for future pokeball varieties!!

Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet (too small for lil man to play with).

Maybe attach a key chain?!?


Happy Crafting 😛


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