A Little Fun…

…in the form of Mudkip!!

I was lucky enough to be able to test a pattern that makes this little guy!

@Knot.bad on Instagram comes up with some fantastic creations and if his other patterns are half as good as this one then you can’t go wrong!

Loved making Mudkip! Was easy and quick – would have been done sooner but as soon as I made his body my demons kids took it to play “ball” with!!


The only tricky part I found were the cheeks! Took me a couple of attempts but once I had it the other was made in minutes and I can’t think why I had trouble in the beginning!


The pattern called for safety eyes but I didn’t have any and wouldn’t have for quite some time! So to complete him quickly I used some beads I had to hand! I don’t think it detracts from him and he still looks great!


So that’s what I did with my weekend (as well as a number of other things – no rest for the wicked)!

Look out for knot.bad patterns here


Happy Crafting ☺️



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