1 Month Down…

image…11 more to go!

So January is drawing to a close and the last row of the month has been completed!

I think it is looking pretty good!

The new year started off wet and cooler but soon progressed to the heat and rainlessness I have come to expect of a January in Hamilton!


I haven’t always completed one row a day and may have let a few rows build up for me then to “catch up”. I have however, made a pact with myself that all rows are complete and ends weaved in by the last day of each month! This way I don’t have anything hanging over me for the following month!


Not every month has the same number of days so the legnth of each month will vary but based roughly on 9cm for 1 month then a quick calculation says the finished product come 31st December will be 108cm! Not a massive blanket by any means but a nice sized memento of the year!



January has been a pretty good start to the year although it is a bittersweet month as February brings Lil Man’s first birthday and that is something I am just not ready for!!


Hope you all have had a great start to 2016 and here is to more fabulous months!!


Happy Crafting đŸ˜€



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