Round and Round…

…no, not the garden!!

Was Round the bridges today!


All the early mornings, jogging around the track, sore muscles, achey limbs and wheezing was all leading up to the big one – 6Km Round the Bridges!


Ok so 6 kilometres isn’t all that far I hear you cry. Well to me it’s pretty epic and to me it’s a big achievement and one I can say I have now accomplished!

My time wasn’t brilliant – 1 hour 3 minutes, but to say I have never run a full 6 km before today it’s a start. I am aiming to improve on this and despite this race being over with for another year it doesn’t mean the training will stop.


I do have to say, running isn’t my strong point nor is it something I particularly enjoy – I do it because I know it’s good for me and although I don’t do enough to lose weight I do enough to mean I can remain stable and enjoy life! It means I am setting an example for my children – I want to be the parent who says do as I do, not do as I say but I won’t actually do any of that!!

So here is to more training, better times and hopefully and under 1 hour next year!


Now back to something I know I can do (and do it well)!


Happy Crafting xXx



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