Happy Halloween

I’m not normally one for Halloween. Growing up we never really celebrated it and as I had children I still never did anything. It was always believed to be a big american holiday and trick’n’treating was seen as nothing more as begging –  all this I still believe!

However, I do like to have a fun little party and any excuse to buy cutsie little trinkets and have a theme to craft for and Halloween has fallen into this category!

Spotlight was having a 50% sale on their Halloween items and of course there are so many things to make/knit/sew/crochet for this time of year its unreal.

One thing that caught my eye that I just had to make was Sarah Zimmerman’s (Repeat Crafter Me) Frankenstein pouches – found here


He was so quick and easy to make up (as most of Sarah’s patterns are) that there was just no excuse for a second … but with a twist!


I used the Frankenstein pouch as inspiration and came up with the Pumpkin pouch!

I think they both turned out rather cute and can be reused next year for the kids!


Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Happy Crafting xXx


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