Pink Walk

Non craft related however, important and dare I say, a bit of fun!

This evening myself, the kiddies and pooch participated in The Pink Walk!


Location…Hamilton Lake
Start Time…5:45 (with a warm up beforehand)
Time Finished…54 minutes – not too bad with child, buggy and dog in tow!

I (fortunately) haven’t been affected by breast cancer and I only know personally of my mother in law as a survivor (although have met many survivors through working at the hospital). I do however think it’s a very important cause. I feel it should be made public and not taboo to be talked about or discussed.

My 7 year old girlie was asking me many questions on our walk round the lake and I felt it was important to tell her that not everyone does survive but the money we raised and hopefully people continue to raise will reduce the numbers of loss and increase the number of survivors.


So we had our fun, we dressed up, we danced, we sang but we also – with some luck – spread the word of breast cancer awareness


Thank You for reading

Happy Crafting xx


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