Tickled Pink!

and with this yarn the title is very apt!!

Thursday (29th) is Pink Walk. 3.5Km around Hamilton Lake to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Im sure it will come as no surprise that those participating will be in pink!!!

So of course I can’t show up without any pink and this yarn just screamed at me to buy it!


I had to go into Spotlight for some cream yarn to finish the Call the Midwife blanket I currently have as a WIP and this pink fluffy thing caught my eye! What made it even more tempting was it was on offer! This then made it a must have and two skeins ended up coming home with me! It’s fluffy, it’s furry, it tickles but it’s oh so soft!

The two wrist bands and the head band are all out of one skein. They are very basic and knitted – there just wasn’t a chance in the world of seeing the stitches if crocheting.

Wrist Bands: Baring in mind this is to fit my own wrist!


Using 7mm Straight Knitting Needles…

Cast On 15

Row 1: Knit 15

Row 2: Purl 15

Row 3-30: Repeat Rows 1 and 2

Cast Off

Sew ends together

Head Band: this used the rest of the skein after the two wrist bands

I first separated out the two strands into the pink furry strand and the fluffy bobble strand. This head band just uses the furry side.


Using 5mm Straight Knitting Needles…

Cast On 5 stitches

Knit every row (garter stitch) until desired length

Cast off

Sew ends together

Not rocket science and in no way hard (or indeed very original) but it works and I love them!!

Happy Crafting My Lovelies đŸ’“


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